Saturday, September 5, 2009

OS X Bug : Problems connecting to WPA Enterprise with 10.5.8

I have recently had trouble connecting to Purdue's wifi network named PAL2.0 (which requires WPA Enterprise/TTLS/MSCHAPv2/PEAP). Purdue's technical support (ITAP) attempted to help me but was unsuccessful (it isn't their fault). I found my own fix and wanted to share it with others who may be having the same problem. Basically the problem was introduced by Apple with Mac OS X, update 10.5.8.

The problem:
- Can't connect to PAL2.0 (sporadic)

- Repeatedly tries to perform MSCHAPv2 authentication, never gets IP address. I have captured a screencast demonstrating the problem.

- Macbook Pro (maybe other models? mine is a 2007 model) running OS X 10.5.8

- Revert to the wifi firmware to pre-10.5.8 version. I followed these instructions (proceed at your own risk)
- If you have the right model of mac (I did not), you may be able to apply this patch from Apple.


Big Fat Guy =) said...

I have the same issue and am looking into a fix, this issue still exists in snow leopard.

Andrea said...

hi, i have the same issue with snow leopard... did you fix it?

Sanity said...

The issue is still broken in both.

Sanity said...

Keep updated on this issue at
I have an ongoing trouble ticket with apple.

javieth said...

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lee woo said...

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